X - 2018 Programme | IX - 2018 Programme
FEELING BLESSED and thankful for the wonderful coaching, encouragement and disciplined way you and your team have groomed by kids Denzil and Aaron.

Wishing you many more fruitful years of teaching and once again a big "Thank You".

– Gladys Barboza

'LEARN LOVE LIVE' are the words which truly describe our Jeevandeep classes. It taught us the importance of doing 'HARDWORK'. Alongwith studies, we were also taught different values like PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY TO BE DISCIPLINED. It was in Jeevandeep that we learnt to 'TAKE TIME BY THE FORELOCK'. It was in Std. IX that I joined Jeevandeep and made a lot of progress till Std. X.

Aslam Sir defined 'WINNING BY NOT BEING ON THE TOP, BUT BY IMPROVING OURSELVES'. He took lot of efforts by preparing wonderful notes for us. Jeevandeep's contribution to my success is really 'NOTEWORTHY'. There is a very healthy and clean environment. We also learnt to 'BE PRACTICAL. EXPECT A MIRACLE'. We were taught 'THE NINE CONDITIONS FOR A MIRACLE – Emptiness, Alignment, Asking, Maximising, Giving, Seeing or Visualising, Gratitude, Asking 'If' and receiving'.

In only words, I can say that – 'EAST OR WEST, OUR JEEVANDEEP CLASSES IS THE BEST !!

– Sayli Khadilkar
G 101104

'Jeevandeep – A true mantra to improve life'.

Jeevandeep is an institution which not only teaches lessons by lessons but also teaches how to behave the best. Here, he (Aslam sir) is sir, guide, philosopher, trainer, friend and on above that he is like a father of us.

The teachers in this institution, are so good and kind. They teach the lessons very nicely, in such a way that we can understand everything properly. They provide notes which is usually helpful for us to study.

Really, they light the lamp (deep) in our life. (Jeevan) !!!

– Abhinaya Sankaran
G 101111

"I am glad to be your student,
a million thanks to you,
As you gave me the strength,
to make my dreams come true."

… is all I can say that Aslam sir and his team at Jeevandeep who gave me all the guidance and confidence to achieve where I am today. If not for them, I would surely not reach my aim and dream of a 90% in my SSC exams. I sincerely wish Sir and team more success in future. Jeevandeep is an institute which not only helps us in our studies but also makes us a wonderful human being ! with positive thoughts. 'Education with fun' is one of the mottos at Jeevandeep which helped us. "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well" – is all I can say at the end.

– Sharanya Menon
G 101102

Teaching is the most interesting part …. Explanation, slide shows and the visuals made us to remember all that we have learnt which means 'Education is not something that you learnt but it is what you remember'. The notes made by the Sir were so awesome that when we read it we would find it more interesting to learnt it.

Jeevandeep classes is the best place for learning, improving ourselves and to win in our life …. and to becomes successful.

– Rubina Khan
G 101115

Aslam sir has taught me the real meaning of winning and I am proud to say that I am a winner in his eyes and in the eyes of my parents and friends. Thank you

– Asif Vora
B 201112

"Failure is the stepping stone to success" often heard this proverb. But I truly experienced this after joining Jeevandeep the institution that changed me totally not only in studies but also in my behaviour. I started my journey in Jeevandeep in Std IX and ever since I found a change in me …..

– Niharika Patil
G 101107

Being a student of Jeevandeep classes has not only helped me improve my studies but also my personality. I have been in this class from the IX Std. And from the past two years what I've seen in me is improvement. And improvement not only in studies but also behavior. The teachings I have got from this classes is spectacular. It has also helped me mould my character as well as make good friends. My journey in Jeevandeep classes was awesome !!!

– Kshitija Acharekar
G 101104

"Giving up always doesn't means that you aren't strong enough to win. Sometimes it also means that you are strong enough to let it go. So even if you fail anytime in life, don't get upset as failures are stepping stones to success."

This is what I learned from 'JEEVANDEEP CLASSES."

– Tejasvi A.S.L
G 101103

The time I spent here has been very fruitful. Here I have learnt that 'In life, we all face ups and downs. But we should not give up, we must stand up again and not loose hope."

The one thing that makes our Jeevandeep classes different and unique from others is that the faculty here not only focuses on teaching but also do their best to improve our personality and behavior. Apart from all this, it has taught us an important lesson.

'We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something what we have'.

– Sidhant S. Khanna
B 201104

'Jeevandeep is a temple of knowledge. It's a classroom with fun, enjoyment along with studies.

– Rutuja R. Someskar
G 101113

Jeevandeep not only teaches academics to us, but moulds us to teach the world to LEARN LOVE LIVE

Jeevandeep will keep on rising higher. I feel proud to be a part of Jeevandeep. It's not just an institution, it's a family.

– Faeez Bagdadi
B 201105

Jeevandeep is the best place with best of teachers, and have a tendency to provide knowledge to every child's heart and soul. Along with learning we are provided with joy and happiness. So that when we leave, we leave with a wide smile on our face which lasts forever.

– Abhay Ravindra Patil
B 201116

Jeevandeep classes had helped me a lot in my studies. I joined Jeevandeep in the 10th ever since then I not only improved my studies but also behavior and made myself capable to face every problem with confidence. It not only concentrated in studies but other general matters also. I am proud to be a student and a part of this class.

– Harshali Bhurke
G 101105