X - 2018 Programme | IX - 2018 Programme
To promote educational excellence, personal responsibility, and balanced growth; therby to help our students discover and develop their talents and realise their potential.

The ideas embedded in this mission statement drive our educational programming, the recruitment and hiring of faculty, the enrollment of students, the construction of the annual operating budget, strategic planning and all key decisions at jeevandeep.

Preparing our students for success with academic challenges that await them; helping them develop strong character; encouraging the development of leadership; and supporting our students on their journey from childhood to young adulthood - this is the foundational work of jeevandeep.

Jeevandeep also believes that participation of parents in their children's education is essential to accomplishing its mission. We make every attempt to involve them in our work, and expect their strong support in the pursuit of our joint purpose.

Our students learn from an experienced, dedicated and enormously talented faculty, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture.